Stamp Me

How it Works

Stamp Me™ is a revolutionary new product that allows customers to store all their cards in one place – on their smartphone. Not only that, users can search to see which other retailers in the area are running offers and they can join with one touch.

Stamp Me can run a variety of different types of loyalty programs. From simple stamp and punch cards,  points based programs, membership and VIP clubs to fully integrated solutions which couple in to the business Point of Sale software.

Stamp Me is also available as a white label option which allows you to focus on your own brand, whilst benefitting from our experience and infrastructure.

Stamp Me is great for businesses large and small. Whether you have an existing app and want to harness the power of our loyalty engine and validation services or you operate a small espresso bar looking for a simple coffee card  – Stamp Me can provide your loyalty solution.

Stamping the Card

To validate and authorise the transaction we use a revolutionary and innovative, patent pending, new device called Stamp Mate. This is a small hand-held device that holds a secret. When Stamp Mate is touched onto the customers phone, using new low energy technology, it cleverly works out where it is and validates the transactions – digitally stamping the card.

It Works Alongside Your Other Programs

With Benefits

Loyalty stamp cards and membership cards are great.

Paper cards work for those who are organised and diligent in remembering their cards. However for most of us, we forget them, lose them or end up having 4 or 5 half complete.

Then there is the loyalty programs that involve registration and the use of credit card style plastic cards. These are also great for brand lovers and customers that are so passionate about their brands they are willing to have a wallet full of cards. These programs can work well and be insightful for that group of customers. However, they are expensive to implement, and they will only appeal to a section of your customer base plus they can be very costly to run.

A smartphone loyalty card app overcomes these issues and provides a new segment of your customer base with access to a reward and loyalty system that is easy, fun to use and doesn’t feel intrusive.

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