About Us

Our Philosophy, Values and Modus Operandi

Pasta Caffe opened in Marbella, Spain in 1999. Our aim is to provide our customers with a selection of Italian and International dishes.

We are a family restaurant and uphold family Values, Ethics and Standards. These together with our skills and know-how have served us well since inception and differentiate us from many of the other casual dining restaurants. There include…

Family Values

Family and Friends is Everything. If you cannot enjoy with Family and Friends it is not ENJOYING! Children are important, they provide LIFE to any environment and very welcome. Parents enjoy when their children enjoy! We regard our valued consideration  by our clients as being Family Friendly as very important and guard against any behaviour that may undermine it.

Service Ethics

Good  and friendly service is paramount for us as we place great emphasis on customer relations. We require our staff to be friendly and customer orientated. We try to employ staff with the ability to effortlessly engage and ”connect” with our multi-lingual and multi-cultural customer base and if we do not always succeed …………….at least we try!


We provide a comfortable environment in our various dining areas (outside patio, covered terrace or main inside room). Moreover our customers visit us in order to conduct business meetings or merely engage in relaxing encounters at their leisure. We provide a free WIFI service for our customers and manage ambient music, temperature and lighting according to the changing weather circumstances.

Good Food

At the end of the day it is all about …GOOD FOOD.

We provide old favourites and debut new dishes to ensure both freshness to our menus and expand the palate of our loyal customer following. We listen to customer feedback, likes and preferences and constantly address our offer so as to offer an interesting array of options at an attractive price.

We aspire to offer the best value proposition at all times without compromising on quality.

The above value drivers have enabled us to navigate an economic recession which has lasted for 7 years and have helped us hone a very customer-focussed restaurant.

We take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their continued support and loyalty since we opened and look forward to continuing to serve them with both our food and our passion.

Until next time………………….Arrivederci!

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